ierca said the bilateral mechanism helped consolidate several cooperation projects. Vietnamese Construction Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said both sides would continue to extend, deep.

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ti-Wall Street protesters but stressed the need to comply with the law. White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday the federal government insisted everyone behave in a .

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s dead as soon as it arrived in the Democratic-controlled Senate. To amend the Constitution or default is a "highly dangerous game" to play, White House spokesman Jay Carney said .

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een the night before, the broadcaster said. Neighbors told NBC affiliate WCSH that the residents of the building are mostly in their 20s. The number of victims and those unaccounte.

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17, 2014, as a gesture of good will by President Raul Castro. The visit of Senator Leahy precedes a planned meeting next week of U.S. and Cuban diplomats, who will discuss princi.

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012 and 2013. Dominica is one of six countries in the Caribbean selected to participate in the PPCR. The project will benefit more than 72,000 Dominicans, the government said. LA PA .

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serving in Afghanistan, Haiti and Sudan. More than 47,000 of the more than one million Canadians who served died in the war. About 10,000 Canadians served in various battlefields i.

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s government has won the support of the Congress on the education reform, but leaders from Chile's Students Confederation have rejected the plan as it had not addressed the main .

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uickly. "Mexico City's quake increased the sensibility of the population. It makes them understand more about what other people have experienced." Mexico's Topos de Tlatelolco, a .

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